Hanging art around the house is one of the best ways to infuse color, shape, and style into a space. When I moved into my loft, I picked up this Matisse print at my local poster store. Since I opted not to get it framed, it was relatively inexpensive (I think in the $20-30 range). I used large clips from my hardware store to hang it above the bed. It’s such a soft, beautiful piece to have in the bedroom and it adds a bit of femininity amongst the stark white of the bedding and bold hues of the brick. Before I decided on this print, I did a bit (or a lot) of browsing so I figured I would share a few of my favorites with you!

Below are a few of my favorite prints that would elevate the style of any room.

  1. Balance by Tracy Andrews

2. The Only One by Jennifer Gauthier

3. Close on White by Quibe

4. Dive by Richard Vergez

5. Flashback by Richard Vergez

6. Sunday by 83 Oranges

7. Shape Study #1 by MPGMB

 Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to having you back!